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SCI Impact factor based on year of publication or in case of new papers, the most recent impact factor:


55. Pinceel, T., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Hawinkel, W., Tuytens, K. & Brendonck, L. (2017). Aridity promotes bet hedging via delayed hatching: a case study with two temporary pond crustaceans along a latitudinal gradient. Oecologia DOI 10.1007/s00442-017-3858-8 (SCI: 2.902)

54. Pinceel, T., , Hawinkel, W., Wynants, E., Brendonck, L. & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2017).Habitat uncertainty explains variation in offspring provisioning strategies in a temporary pond crustacean. Hydrobiologia DOI 10.1007/s10750-017-3121-7 (SCI: 2.051)

53. Trekels, H. & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2017When fear kicks in: predator cues initially do not but eventually do affect insect distribution patterns in a new articial pond cluster. Hydrobiologia  790: 157–166 (SCI: 2.051)


52. Buschke, F.T., Brendonck., L.& Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2016) Adding energy gradients and long-distance dispersal to a neutral model improves predictions of Madagascan bird diversity. Ecology & Evolution, 6: 6919-6929 (SCI: 2.537)

51. Coccia, C., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Brendonck,  L., Boyero, L. Green, A.J. (2016) Newly created ponds complement natural waterbodies for restoration of macroinvertebrate assemblages. Freshwater Biology 61: 1640-1654 (SCI: 2.933)

50. Pinceel, T., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Brendonck, L. & Buschke, F.T. (2016) Modelling the sensitivity of life history traits to climate change in  a temporary pool crustacean. Scientific Reports, 6: (SCI: 5.228)

49. Pinceel, T., Wynants, E., Tonné, N., Brendonck, L. & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2016) µCT scanning – a novel method for 3D in vivo characterization of zooplankton resting eggs. Limnology & Oceanography Methods  14: 759-766 (SCI: 2.008)

48. Hubin, E., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Broersen, K., De Deyn, P.P., Koedam, N., van Nuland, N.A., Pauwels, K. (2016) Could ecosystem management provide a new framework for Alzheimer’s disease? Alzheimer’s & Dementia 12: 65-74 (SCI: 12.407)

47. Pinceel, T., Brendonck, L. & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2016) Propagule size and shape may promote local wind dispersal in freshwater zooplankton – a wind tunnel experiment. Limnology & Oceanography 62: 122-131 (SCI: 3.794)


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42. Pinceel, T., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Deckers, P., Grégoir, A., Ver Eecke, T. & Brendonck, L. 2015. Early and late developmental arrest as complementary embryonic bet-hedging strategies in African killifish. (2015) Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 114: 941-948 (SCI: 2.535) pdf

41. Reniers, J., Brendonck, L., Roberts, J. D., Verlinden, W. & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2015). Environmental harshness shapes life-history variation in an Australian temporary pool breeding frog: a skeletochronological approach. Oecologia 178: 931-941 (SCI: 3.248) pdf

40. Buschke, F. T., Brendonck, L. & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2015) Simple mechanistic models can partially explain local but not range-wide co-occurrence of African mammals. Global Ecology and Biogeography 24: 767-773 (SCI: 7.242pdf


39. Buschke, F. T., Brendonck, L. & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2014). Differences between regional and biogeographic species pools highlight the need for multi-scale theories in macroecology. Frontiers of Biogeography 6: 173-184. pdf

38. Brendonck L., Jocque M., Tuytens K., Timms B.V., Vanschoenwinkel B. (2014) Hydrological stability drives both local and regional diversity patterns in rock pool metacommunities. Oikos 124: 741-749 (SCI: 3.559) pdf


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35. Tuytens K., Vanschoenwinkel B., Waterkeyn A., Brendonck L. (2014) Predictions of climate change infer increased environmental harshness and altered connectivity in a cluster of temporary pools Freshwater Biology 59: 955-968 (SCI: 2.905 ) pdf


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32. Vanschoenwinkel B., Brendonck L., Pinceel T., Dupriez P., Waterkeyn A. (2013) Rediscovery of Branchipus schaefferi (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) in Belgium – notes on habitat requirements and conservation management. Belgian Journal of Zoology 143: 3-14  (SCI: 0.702) pdf

31. Vanschoenwinkel, B., Buschke, F., Brendonck, L. (2013) Disturbance alters the impact of dispersal on alpha and beta diversity in a natural metacommunity. Ecology 94: 2547–25571 (SCI: 5.175) pdf

30. Reniers, J. , Vanschoenwinkel, B., Rabet, N., Brendonck, L. (2013) Mitochondrial gene trees support persistence of cold tolerant fairy shrimp throughout the Pleistocene glaciations in both southern and more northerly refugia. Hydrobiologia 714:155–167 (SCI: 1.784) pdf

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23. Vanschoenwinkel, B., Pinceel, T., Vanhove, M.P.M., Jocque, M., Timms, B.V., Brendonck, L. (2012) Toward a global phylogeny of the “living fossil” crustacean order of the Notostraca.  PLoS-ONE 7(4) e34998. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0034998 (SCI: 4.411) pdf


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  1. Bookchapters

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