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Thompson, P.L., Guzman, L.M., De Meester, L., Horváth, Z., Ptacnik, R.,  Vanschoenwinkel, B.,  Viana, D.S., Chase, J.M. A process‐based metacommunity framework linking local and regional scale community ecology. Ecology Letters (2020), (SCI: 9.137), Q1

Trekels, H. and Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2019), Both local presence and regional distribution of predator cues modulate prey colonisation in pond landscapes. Ecology Letters 22: 89-97 (SCI: 9.137) Q1

Buschke, F. T., Brendonck, L. & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2015) Simple mechanistic models can partially explain local but not range-wide co-occurrence of African mammals. Global Ecology and Biogeography 24: 767-773 (SCI: 7.242) Q1

Vanschoenwinkel, B., Buschke, F., Brendonck, L. (2013) Disturbance alters the impact of dispersal on alpha and beta diversity in a natural metacommunity. Ecology 94: 2547–25571 (SCI: 5.175) Q1

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90. Van der Stocken, T., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Carroll, D., Cavanaugh, K.C. & N. Koedam (accepted). Mangrove dispersal disrupted by projected changes in global seawater density  Nature Climate Change (SCI: 21.722).

89. Ramaekers, L., Pinceel, T., Brendonck, L. & B. Vanschoenwinkel (2022). Direct effects of elevated dissolved CO2 can alter the life history of freshwater zooplankton. Scientific Reports 12: 6134 (SCI: 4.379)

88. Kafula, Y.A., Philippe, C.,  Pinceel, T., Munishi, L.K., Moyo, F., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Brendonck, L. & E.S.J. Thoré (2022). Pesticide sensitivity of Nothobranchius neumanni, a temporary pond predator with a non-generic life-history. Chemosphere 291: 132823 (SCI: 7.086)

87. Mataba,  G.R., Munishi, L., Brendonck. L. & B. Vanschoenwinkel (2022). The role of anthropogenic container habitats as mosquito oviposition habitats in rural settlements in northern Tanzania. Journal of Vector Ecology 47: 69-80. (SCI: 1.671)

86. Guzman, L.M., Thompson, P.L., Viana, D.S., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Horváth, Z., Ptacnik, R., Jeliazkov, A., Gascón, S., Lemmens, P., Anton‐Pardo, M., Langenheder, S., De Meester, L., Chase, J.M. (in press) Accounting for temporal change in multiple biodiversity patterns improves the inference of metacommunity processes. Ecology (SCI: 5.499)

85. Deboelpaep, E., Partoens, L., Koedam, N., & B. Vanschoenwinkel (2022) Highway (s) overhead: Strong differences in wetland connectivity and protected status challenge waterbird migration along the four Palearctic‐Afrotropical flyways. Diversity and Distributions 28: 1067-1080 (SCI: 4.76).


84. Janssenswillen, S., Roelants, K., Carpentier, S., De Rooster, H., Metzemaekers, M., Vanschoenwinkel B., Proost P. & F. Bossuyt (2021) Odorant-binding proteins in canine anal sac glands indicate an evolutionarily conserved role in mammalian chemical communication. BMC ecology and evolution 21, 1-16 (SCI: 3.260).

83. Hagan, J., Vanschoenwinkel, B. & Gamfeldt, L. (2021) We should not necessarily expect positive relationships between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in observational field data. Ecology Letters 24: 2537-2548, (SCI: 8.17), Q1

82. Mataba, G. R., Kafula, Y. A., Mwaijengo, G. N., Snoeks, J. M., Munishi, L., Brendonck, L., & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2021). Keep your natural enemies close – native predators can maintain low mosquito densities in temporary ponds in a malaria expansion area in Northern Tanzania. Science of the Total Environment, 794, 148606.(SCI: 7.963), Q1

81. Pinceel, T., Buschke, F., Geerts, A., Vanoverbeke, J., Brendonck, L., & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2021). An empirical confirmation of diversified bet hedging as a survival strategy in unpredictably varying environments. 102: e03496 Ecology.  (SCI: 5.499), Q1

80. Santangelo, J.M., Vanschoenwinkel, B. & Trekels, H. (2021) Habitat isolation and the cues of three remote predators differentially modulate prey colonization dynamics in pond landscapes. Oecologia 196: 1027–1038 (SCI: 3.225) Q1

79. De Paula, L.A.F., Forzza, R.C., Azevedo, L.O., Bueno, M.L. Solar, R. R. C., Vanschoenwinkel, B. &  Porembski, S. (2021) Climatic control of mat vegetation communities on inselberg archipelagos in south-eastern Brazil. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 133: 604-623, (SCI: 1.961) Q1


78. Aristizábal-Botero, Á., Páez-Pérez, D., Realpe, E., & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2020). Mapping microhabitat structure and connectivity on a tropical inselberg using UAV remote sensing. Progress in Physical Geography: Earth and Environment, 45: 427-445. (SCI: 3.488) Q1

77. Deboelpaep, E., Coenegracht, T., De Wolf, L., Libert, A., Vanschoenwinkel, B., & Koedam, N. (2020). Bio-energetic data show weak spatial but strong seasonal differences in wetland quality for waders in a Mediterranean migration bottleneck. Freshwater Biology65(9), 1529–1542.(SCI: 3.4Q1

76. Buschke, F. T., Coetzer, C., Pinceel, T., Mehlomakhulu, Z., Moreels, N., du Randt, L., & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2020). Mountains and rocky outcrops as ecological refuges in a high biodiversity working landscape. Biological Conservation250: 108759 (SCI: 4.711). Q1

75. Beirinckx, L., Vanschoenwinkel, B., & Triest, L. (2020). Hidden Hybridization and Habitat Differentiation in a Mediterranean Macrophyte, the Euryhaline Genus Ruppia. Frontiers in Plant Science11. (SCI: 4.402) Q1

74. Thompson, P.L., Guzman, L.M., De Meester, L., Horváth, Z., Ptacnik, R.,  Vanschoenwinkel, B.,  Viana, D.S., Chase, J.M. A process‐based metacommunity framework linking local and regional scale community ecology. Ecology Letters (2020),23: 1314-1329 (SCI: 9.137), Q1

73. Turner, B., Trekels, H.,  Vandromme, M., Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2020) Prey colonization in freshwater landscapes can be stimulated or inhibited by the proximity of remote predators. Journal of Animal Ecology 89:1766-1774(SCI: 4.36) Q1

72. Mwaijengo, G. N., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Dube, T., Njau, K. N., & Brendonck, L. (2020). Seasonal variation in benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages and water quality in an Afrotropical river catchment, northeastern Tanzania. Limnologica, 82, 125780. (SCI: 1.803) Q2

71. Mwaijengo, G.N., Msigwa, A., Njau, K.N., Brendonck, L., & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2020). Where does land use matter most? Contrasting land use effects on river quality at different spatial scales. Science of the Total Environment, (SCI: 5.589) Q1

70. Pinceel, T., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Weckx, M. & Brendonck L. (2019) An empirical test of the impact of drying events and physical disturbance on wind erosion of zooplankton egg banks in temporary ponds. Aquatic Ecology, 54, 137–144 (SCI: 2.05) Q2


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68. Geerts, A.N., Moreau, K., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Vanoverbeke J., Brendonck, L. & De Meester, L. (2019) The power of numbers: dynamics of hatching and dormant egg production in two populations of the water flea Daphnia magna. Aquatic Ecology 53, 393–406 (SCI: 2.05) Q2

67. Lukić, D., Waterkeyn, A., Rabet, N., Mioduchowska, M., Geudens, B., Vanschoenwinkel, B. & Brendonck, L. (2019) High genetic variation and phylogeographic relations among Palearctic fairy shrimp populations reflect persistence in multiple southern refugia during Pleistocene ice ages and postglacial colonization. Freshwater Biology, 64, 1896-1907 (SCI: 3.404) Q1

66. Van der Stocken, T., Wee, A.K.S., De Ryck, D.J.R., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Friess, D.A., Daudoud-Guebas, F., Simard, M. & N. Koedam (2019) A general framework for dispersal in mangroves. Biological Reviews, (SCI: 11.7) Q1

65. Vandromme, M., Trekels, H., Ruiz N.S., Somarriba, E. &  B. Vanschoenwinkel (2019), Exploring the suitability of bromeliads as aquatic breeding habitats for cacao pollinators. Hydrobiologia 828: 327-337 (SCI: 2.056) Q1

64. Trekels, H. and Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2019), Both local presence and regional distribution of predator cues modulate prey colonisation in pond landscapes. Ecology Letters 22: 89-97 (SCI: 9.137) Q1


63. Deboelpaep, E., Keleman, P., Vanschoenwinkel, B., & N. Koedam (2018). Gallant geese, fearful flocks? Flock size and heterospecifics alter the escape behavior of an invasive goose. Belgian Journal of Zoology 148, 135-147. (SCI: 0.38) Q3

62. L.M. Guzman, L.M., Vanschoenwinkel, B., Farjalla, V.F. , Poon, A. &, D.S. Srivastava (2018), A precipitation gradient drives change in macroinvertebrate composition and interactions within bromeliads. PloS one 13 (11), e0200179 (SCI: 2.766) Q1

61. Pinceel, T., Buschke, F.T., Weckx, M., Brendonck, L. & B. Vanschoenwinkel (2018) Climate change jeopardizes the persistence of freshwater zooplankton by reducing both habitat suitability and demographic resilience. BMC Ecology 18 (1), 2 Q1

60. A.F. Grégoir, E.S.J. Thoré, C. Philippe, T. Pinceel, L. Brendonck & B. Vanschoenwinkel (2018) Squeezing out the last egg – annual fish increase reproductive efforts in response to a predation threat. Ecology & Evolution 8: 6390-6398 (SCI: 2.440) Q1

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53. Trekels, H. & Vanschoenwinkel, B. (2017When fear kicks in: predator cues initially do not but eventually do affect insect distribution patterns in a new articial pond cluster. Hydrobiologia  790: 157–166 (SCI: 2.051) Q1


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1.  Vanschoenwinkel, B., De Vries, C., Seaman, M.T. & Brendonck, L. (2007) The role of metacommunity processes in shaping invertebrate rock pool communities along a dispersal gradient. Oikos 116: 1255-1266. (SCI: 3.309) Q1 pdf

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 1.      Vanschoenwinkel, B., De Meester, L. (2011) De huidige crisis. In: Tijd voor biodiversiteit. Een verhaal over genen, soorten en ecosystemen. Eds. Waelkens, S. & Volckaert, F.A.M., Acco, Leuven, ISBN: 9789033481093

2. Brendonck, L., Timms, B., Lanfranco, S. & Vanschoenwinkel, B.. (2016) Invertebrates in Rock Pools. In: Invertebrates in Freshwater Wetlands : An International Perspective on their Ecology. Batzer, D. & Boix, D. (eds.). 1 ed. Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 645 p.

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