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Student projects

Master thesises 

VUB MSc students 2017-2018

Mario Driesen

Adwine Van Slembrouck

Leendert Plaetinck

There are still thesis subjects available

VUB MSc students 2016-2017

Catherine Turner You can’t ignore your neighbors, context dependent habitat selection in bromeliad infaunal communities

Mirna Fernandez Pradel Drivers of diversity patterns in bromeliad aquatic communities along an elevational gradient in the Tropical Andes

VUB MSc students 2015-2016

Barbara Hendus Exploring effects of nutrient addition by bat colonies on aquatic biodiversity in tropical cave systems, a case study with cenotes in Yucatan. (Beneficiary of the Tropimundo Best student award)


Yannick Coeckelberghs Dissecting the drivers of diversity patterns  across spatial scales: a case study with rock pool metacommunities in Western Australia


Celina Ben Saadi Prey selectivity and aquatic community structure in Nepenthes pitcher plants in Peninsular Malaysia.


photo credit: C Ben Saadi

Sofie Vermaercke Island biogeography of invertebrates of Greek islands in the Eastern Mediterranean


Gisela Duran Rodriguez Climatic control of biodiversity in bromeliad infauna.


photo credit: G Duran Rodriguez


VUB MSc students 2014-2015


Nathalie Massa

Thesis: Exploring links between management strategies and fitness in captive killer whales (Orcinus orca).


Michiel Van Herp studies patterns of endemism in a set of African plant families in the Chimanimani mountains in Zimbabwe. The goal is to investigate how the unique geology, spatial barriers and micro habitat structure can influence diversification in a diverse set of plant species  This project is in collaboration with Dr. Steven Janssens and the Botanic garden of  Meise.

 Thesis: postponed to 2016


Daniel Montecinos

Thesis: Links between forest degradation and metacommunity structure of bromeliad infauna in a Bolivian humid mountain forest. (Beneficiary of the Tropimundo Best thesis award)

Mathil Vandromme

Thesis: Disentangling drivers of alpha and beta diversity in bromeliad metacommunities along a tropical elevational gradient. (Beneficiary of the Tropimundo Best student award)


VUB BSc students 2015-2016

Mario Driesen

Adwine Vanslembrouck

VUB BSc students 2014-2015

Jill Eeckhout

Thesis: Associaties tussen verstedelijking en dispersie-morfologie in waterwantsen (Dutch)

Loïc Gillerot

Thesis: Disentangling the drivers of alpha, beta and gamma diversity in pond metacommunities

Llewelyn Buidin

Thesis: Assessing the drivers of habitat selection in Sigara lateralis water boatmen (Corixidae) via a reductionist experimental approach.

VUB BSc students 2013-2014

Yannick Coeckelberghs

 Thesis: Local and regional drivers of diversity patterns in Swedish rock pools

Jonathan Favaits

Thesis: Assessing potential impacts of nutrient addition by vertebrates on diversity patterns in rock pool communities in the Australian outback

Nene Lefaible

Thesis: Investigating the potential adaptive origin of buoyancy in zooplankton resting eggs

KULeuven MSc students (co supervisor with Luc Brendonck as main promoter):


Elien Bauweleers 

MSc thesis: The effects of drought-stress and habitat type on the morphology and fitness of the European common frog.

 Wouter Hawinkel

MSc thesis: Het belang van reproductieve energie allocatie en ontuikingsstrategieën voor overleving in onvoorspelbare tijdelijke poelen (Dutch).


Enya Wynants

MSc thesis: Bet hedging in branchiopod crustaceans and the impact of resting egg morphology on dormancy

Eli Thoré

MSc thesis: The genetic and epigenetic contribution to phenotypic variation in a vertebrate an an invertebrate model