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Dr Tom Pinceel


Dr. Tom Pinceel (2015 – present) – (PhD 2010 – 2014)

Tom is working on the diapause ecology of temporary pond crustaceans. He is interested in the different mechanisms these organisms use to achieve staggered hatching over different inundations enabling them to reduce the risk of reproductive failure and population extinction. Tom works with fairy shrimp, clam shrimp and cladocerans and also contributes to parallel research lines on killifish. In addition, Tom has been involved in a number of phylogenetic and phylogeographic studies we have done over the years on different branchiopod crustaceans. After finishing his PhD in 2015, he is now a post doctoral fellowship with the FWO Flanders. Promotership is shared with Luc Brendonck, KU Leuven.

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